Monday, June 17, 2013

New poll on HGTV boards for FIFTH swap themes--suitable fabrics for TOT (tone-on-tone) or batiks

Don't jump the gun! We haven't decided on the swap themes for our FIFTH hexie swap as of yet, but I wanted to give you pictures of suitable fabric prints for each of these themes so you would know what to expect IF they are chosen.

The first are the TOT (tone-on-tone) fabrics. The best way to describe them is the print is ALL one color without any other additional colors. So, for instance, green TOT would be all shades of greens, from light to dark, without any other colors--that includes black or white. Below are suitable TOT prints:

Note the top fabric has white (1) in addition to shades of blue. This fabric is NOT suitable for this TOT swap. The bottom fabric is only shades of blue and is perfect for the swap.

Batik prints would also need to be suitable to be pleasing to the eye and scale to the 1" finished hexagon.

Again, here are the suitable prints:


And here are the unsuitable prints (for lack of a hexie, I used a flower center of the same size):



These above prints would make very distorted hexies not would not be acceptable for a swap.

The official poll is now listed on the HGTV quilting boards:

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