Saturday, April 23, 2016

Suitable Fabrics for Shades of Red and Purple Swaps

Here are two photos of suitable fabrics and colors for the Shades of Red and Purple swaps.

We are looking for prints (no solids or fabrics on the "no-no" list) that "read" red or purple. That is, when you look at the fabric, it must be predominately that color. If it looks like it's half and half, don't use it. You can use from the lightest shade to the darkest shade of each color. Maroon/burgundy is considered a red.

 If you have any questions on your fabrics, please email me a close-up photo with a 1" hexie paper on it so I can see the color and scale of print. Remember, we are looking for SMALL prints. Save your larger prints for your larger hexies or other projects. Any fabrics not meeting the guidelines of the swap will be returned.

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