Saturday, May 23, 2015

**16th Hexagon Swap Sign Ups**

Sign up by June 19th by emailing me your name, address, phone, email address and themes to 


Stashbusters (see guidelines below)

*Fall Colors (see guidelines below)

*Shades of Green (see guidelines below)

In collaboration with the great ladies at (see their contact information at the end of this post), we will offer you the opportunity to join our 16th swap with other quilters and save 20% not only on your precut shapes of English paper pieces, but for all other merchandise on their website! Please note this discount doesn’t include the shipping charges. They offer an extensive collection of hexagon books to spark your interest and I especially recommend “Piecing It All Together” and “English Paper Piecing”.
The code number will be emailed to you once you officially sign up at with your full real name, address and phone number and the swap(s) themes you be joining. Paperpieces will do their best to get your shipment out ASAP so you will have plenty of time to work on your sets.
Below you will find what seems like a copy of “War and Peace”, but I run my swaps with open communication so there are no surprises and complete consistency from all swappers. Follow the guidelines? Great! Don’t follow the guidelines? Your swap will be returned. I need to be fair to all swappers who play. And I know what you are thinking and yes, I am a type A personality!

We will be swapping 1”hexagons (Paperpieces item # HEX100). Please note that these measure 1” on each side. Each “set” will be of six of the same fabric with the papers left inside. This will allow you to make the outside edges of a flower and use your own center fabric to bring consistency to your finished project. Please do not use any glue to hold down the paper piece on the fabric. You will be sewing through the paper and be sure to check the blog for the details. See the tutorial on how to make hexies for this swap on the blog under favorites.

Check out the right side of the hexie blog for photos of suitable fabrics for the above themes. Remember, you can only send in a maximum of ten sets (60 hexies) of the same print. And no, you cannot duplicate or use the same fabric for another theme (such a sending in a red and white print and also including it into the Stashbusters theme). I will do my best not to send back any duplicates.

Here are our three themes:

>Shades of Green prints: We are looking for prints (no solids) that “read” green (when you look at it, it must be predominately green). See photo of suitable prints on blog. Do you have questions on a particular print? Email me a photo! Suitable fabrics for the shades of green theme are posted on the blog at

>Fall Color prints: For the Fall theme, no Thanksgiving or Halloween novelty prints (plus the normal fabric guidelines listed in this post). Think fall/harvest colors-eggplant, maroon, dark reds, golden hues, dark greens, harvest orange, deep browns—you get the picture. Suitable fabrics for the fall theme are posted on the blog at
>Stashbusters-use the guidelines below for selecting fabrics.

*PLEASE READ THE GUIDELINES CAREFULLY BEFORE COMMITTING TO THE SWAP OR CUTTING YOUR FABRICS. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS, PLEASE ASK!* As always, if you send in hexies using fabrics not allowed in the swap, they will be returned.

*Use only 100% cotton fabric.

*NO solids, homespun, glitter, batiks, novelty prints—this includes holiday prints and children prints, flannels, thin or plastic-feeling fabrics. Please do not send in any WOW (white on white), COC (cream on cream), etc. They really don’t make a colorful flower. Just remember we want each flower to stand out--not become a wallflower in your finished project!

*NO large prints—be sure your fabrics selected are to the 1” hexagon scale! Leave your open background and large prints for other projects—use smaller prints that fill in your hexie! If you have a question on a fabric, please do not hesitate to contact me at PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, ALSO PLACE A 1” HEXAGON PAPER ON THE QUESTIONABLE PRINT SO I CAN SEE THE SCALE.

*Be sure when cutting directional fabrics they do not end up looking off-bias or wonky once the hexagon flowers is put together.

*Be sure to REMOVE your selvedges (and pin marks) BEFORE cutting your fabrics. Check fabric for flaws, such as runs or stains. Since the sets will be stacked and tacked by a thread, I will not be able to double check your work. Remember the golden rule of swapping—do not send anything in that you wouldn’t want to receive in return.

*PLEASE SHIP IN PLENTY OF TIME AS ANY LATE PACKAGES WILL BE RETURNED BACK TO YOU UNSWAPPED AT YOUR EXPENSE!* I will be sending out a “gentle reminder” notice two weeks before the swap is due. THIS WILL BE strictly INFORCED! If shipping parcel post, plan on two week shipping time. For international shipments, please plan on at least three weeks to arrive in time to swap out.

While I advocate using Paperpieces papers (#HEX100), you can also take lightweight card stock and cut your own. You cannot use regular computer paper or cardboard for this swap as they are subsequently too light and too heavy ensure a sharp point when turning corners and will be returned! If you do use your own inserts, be sure they are consistent while cutting. I will be doing a spot check to be sure they are not too small or too large and that once you sew down the corners they are not pulling up the tips. Check out the blog for a tutorial as to how we would like the hexies made. Please do not use any glue or adhesive to hold down the hexie paper to the fabric. Please use a straight stitch, not a whip stitch for easy paper removal.

Your swap guidelines on how to make of the hexagons will be posted on the blog. Please DRY press your hexagons when finished. Be careful NOT to use steam if using printed inserts as the dyes may come off on the fabrics! Yes, we will be sewing through the paper, but as you see in the tutorial, it will be easy to remove the papers for reuse once you sew your hexagons together and remove the basting stitch.

As mentioned before, each set will be six-1” finished hexagons of the SAME print with a knotted basting stitched (PLEASE USE THE SMALLEST NEEDLE POSSIBLE TO AVOID HOLES!) down the middle and back up to the top to hold each set together (with papers left inside each piece). You can only send in 10 sets of the SAME print! (Total of 60 hexagons of the SAME print) to ensure a nice variety of prints. I found cutting 2 ½”strips of fabric and sub cutting them into 2 ½” squares work PERFECT for this project.

NOTE: I know life sometimes throws you curve balls, but it has happened that people get excited and want to play, only to wait two months later when the swap is due in a day or so to say they didn't have time. By that time you should have already been ready to mail the package. That leaves me hanging to replace your swap with my stash and totally unfair IF you know you cannot make the deadline to begin with. I give you ample notice so you have plenty of time to make an informed decision. Also, another player may liked to play in your place. Be honest with me up front, or a repeat offender might not be able to play in the future The success of this swap depends on your ability follow through your commitment to our group of players. Thank you for your understanding!

By all of us being honest and accountable, I'm sure we will have a great 2015 swapping year! I really do enjoy hostessing and want to continue to enjoy it, so by coming up front with any issues is not really a complaint, but a way to correct it so my frustration level (and blood pressure!) stays at an even keel. Probably the MOST important thing I can say about a successful swap is the high level of communication between all parties. Without that, we are setting ourselves up for failure. Be prepared for me to contact you several times during the swap for an update on your progress and invite pictures of your hexies to share with other swappers!

**I’m allergic to pet dander and scents, so please do what you can to control the fur. Some packages come in with so much pet hair that they look like they need to be brushed! For health reasons, I cannot handle them and they will be returned untouched at YOUR expense. My health depends on it and I thank you in advance for your understanding.

PACKING YOUR SHIPMENT-We found that using dollar store sandwich Ziploc bags package nine sets nicely and make it easier to swap out. If you “burp”the air out of the baggies before you seal them they pretty much stay in place during shipping. Also, please ID each baggie with your name and state so that the other swappers can know where their hexies come from! Some swappers like to use those address labels they get in the mail. You can put all your separated themes in a larger Ziploc bag with your COF board name (if you have one!), real name and address, phone number and number of sets in the main bag AND a separate piece of paper with your mailing address in case the package is damaged in shipment so the post office can still return it to you.

>>Please see packaging guidelines on the blog post>>

POSTAGE or POSTAGE money must be included in your package. Be sure to add a stamp or two to your stamped envelopes if not going priority mail flat rate boxes. They also seem to weigh more returning than coming in! If you are a frequent swapper, you can also send in $20 or so and I can keep it on “account” and deduct your postage from it. This was worked nicely with some swappers in the past and that way you don’t have to worry about sending in money each time. Once the swap is complete, I will PM you your postage balance on account for your records. If you wish your extra postage money returned, I can certainly do that also (minus the stamp money for return postage).

If you wish to include a self-addressed mailer for the return trip back to you, remember NO metered postage or ACP postage on the return mailer. Stamps only. Our post office will not allow more than a 13 oz. pre-stamped mailer in any mailboxes nor can mail carriers accept them (since 9/11 our East coast mail guidelines have been modified). While your local p.o. may say it is okay to use metered or ACP postage, our p.o. will NOT accept anything that has been pre-dated. I’m just trying to make it as easy as possible for all concerned. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

For Priority mail packages, I have plenty of mailing envelopes and boxes here so there is no need to send a new one. I do, however, try to recycle the boxes if possible. IF YOU ARE SENDING YOUR SWAP IN A MANILLA ENVELOPE OR PADDED MAILER, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE TO SEND IN A RETURN ENVELOPE. Remember, I am not responsible for the packages once they are mailed back to you.

>>NOTE: Some of your local post offices allow you to pack a flat rate envelope or legal size envelope to the bulging point, but mine won’t accept them as they are intended for FLAT items only. So, if you can get away with it on your end-fine-just be aware they may not be returned the same way.

Paper Pieces:

(Use the search box to find the HEX100)


Call toll free in the US: 1-800-337-1537

Hexagon Swap blog: (Check out the helpful links on the right side of the page)


Friday, May 22, 2015

Shades of Green

If the Shade of Green theme is picked, this photo will give you an idea of suitable green fabrics.

We are looking for prints (no solids) that “read” green (when you look at it, it must be predominately green). Everything from the lightest mint green to your dark forest greens. Questions? Just ask!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Let's Play Another Game....

“What do you know about EPP Game”

**The winner with 9 correct answers is Mary VK**
In order to play, you must be signed up for the 15th hexie swap and complete the swap to get your prize. You must submit all answers no later than Thursday, May 21st at 11:59 ET.

The rules are the same as the last game—email me your answers to You can only submit your answers once. The person will the most correct answers win. In case of a tie, I will put all the names into a hat and pull a winner!

1) “Black and Red and Gold All Over” is a 1” hexie pattern by what author?

               Choose one:  a.  Vicki Bellino   b.  Bonnie Hunter     c. Mickey Dupre  

2) When measuring a 1” hexie paper, what is the correct measurement across the entire hexagon?

Choose one:   a. 1 3/8”      b.  2”     c.  1 ½”      

3) What Hex-A Holic duo banded together to write this must-have handbook? Must give me both full names.  

4)  When making a single flower unit, how many pieces will this entail?

               Choose one:  a. 9   b.  7   c.  13       

5)  According to this handbook, if you are making a double-size GFG quilt, how many 1” hexies will you need?

               Choose one:  a. 3048   b.  5248   c.  4082   

6)  This EPP author married her high-school sweetheart. Who is it?

               Choose one:  a.   Dr. Peggy G. Rhodes   b. Vicki Bellino   c.  Tacha Bruecher 

7)  What is the recommended seam allowance when making hexagons? 

Choose one:  a. 1/8”   b. ¼”   c. ½”  

8)  This hexie author shares her Salted Dark Chocolate Toffee cookie recipes on her website. Who is it?

               Choose one.  A. Jen Eskridge    b. Julia C. Wood   c. Mickey Dupree  

9.  They say no matter what you make using EPP, they say this is the one quilt you will always finish. What pattern is it?

               Choose one:  a. Dresden Flowers    b.  Grandmother’s Flower Garden    c.  Garden Party 

10.  On the Paper Pieces website, what piecing pointer do they give you for simple basting your hexies?

               Choose one:  a. Always start with knot on the right side of the hexie   b. Double knot your thread c. Use quilting thread for basting.   


Saturday, May 16, 2015

Don't Forget To Vote!

The deadline to vote for the 16th Hexie poll is May 22nd. The amount of votes we have now for the top three choices is impressive--

Fall colors-5
Shades of Green-4
Shades of Pink-4
TRUE 1930's repros-no children's novelty-3
TRUE B & W/W & B prints-3
TRUE Civil War repros-3

It's anyone's game as to what the additional votes will bring and still too close to call! If you haven't voted yet, email me at with your top three themes. They don't have to be only the ones listed above, but you can choose from the entire list on the official post.

Remember, the running total of all votes are at the upper right-hand side of the blog page. Questions? Just ask!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

2nd Hexie Game-We have a winner!

**Our winner with 10 correct answers in Mary VK**

Let’s play another game!  You must be signed up for the 15th hexie swap and complete the swap in order to get your prize. The deadline to get your answers to me is by midnight, May 16th ET.

The rules are the same as the last game—email me your answers at . You can earn a total of 10 points if you get all of the answers correctly. The person with the most correct answers win! In case of a tie, I will put all the names in a hat and pull a winner.

1). List the name of quilt shop located in the state of Maine that has two words that begin with the letters P & N. 

2). What is the name of Bonnie Hunter’s “long-term” hexagon project?

3). Sort out the follow anagram (a word or phrase formed by re-arranging the letters of another word or phrase) i.e. Pecan Hint is Nine Patches.

               a. rotate mass

4). Name the title of this “Fat Quarterly” co-founder’s book? 

5). Using Quilter’s Cache’s website, list the names of three quilt blocks that begin with the letters “BU” (Each worth one point)

6). If you search online for quilting games, you will find one to download/purchase to your PC—what it its name? (Worth one point)

7). According to the world’s biggest hexagon quilt, May 2010 update, how many 1” hexagons are in this project?

8.  Name the two themes of the 5th hexie swap (each worth one point)  

Monday, May 11, 2015

Time to select our themes for the16th Hexie Swap!

 Email me your top THREE choices to The poll will stay up until May23rd; the official sign ups begin the same day and end on June 19th. The swap is due in my hands no later than August 22nd. The top votes win!

I’ve pushed the due date way out so you can enjoy your summer activities and still have something to do when the weather isn’t so nice. After this winter, this old girl needs time to play outside J

 Guidelines would be the same as the previous swaps, but always feel free to contact me if you have any questions on fabrics. You can check out the blog at for past swap guidelines. We are looking for small prints to make the most of our hexie quilts.

 The terrific gals at Paperpieces have been kind enough to extend their 20% discount for all merchandise purchased (shipping not included in the discount). Visit their website at

 Vote for: (running total of votes will be listed to the right of the theme on the hexie blog):

NEW! *Americana (steel/confederate blue, barn or brownish reds, netural creams, tans)

NEW! *Shades of Green

*Stashbusters prints (like in the past 15 swaps)

*TRUE 1930's repros-no children’s novelties

 *TRUE 1930’s repros-only children’s novelties

*TRUE Civil War repros

*Batiks (must prewash your fabrics for this theme, please)

*TOT (tone on tone)

*TRUE black and white prints

*Spring colors (pastel colors)

*Summer colors (bright colors of summer flowers)

*Fall colors (deep reds, maroon, dark oranges, golds, browns, etc.)

*Winter colors (white and blues)

*TRUE red, white and blue prints

*BRIGHT prints

*Small floral prints

*Children's novelty prints

*Novelty prints-not children’s


*Neutrals (black, cream or white)

*TRUE red and white prints

*TRUE blue and white prints

*Shades of blue

*Shades of pink

*Small print polka dots/dots



Friday, May 8, 2015

15th Hexagon Swap-1st Game Challenge

For those of you who are officially signed up for the 15th hexagon swap, here is a game for you!

Answer the questions below and get a point for each correct answer. The person who answers the most via email to  no later than midnight May 10th Eastern time will win a prize. In case of a tie, I will put the names in the hat and pull a winner. As stated before, the prizes for these games will be sent out at the end of the complete swap to players who participate.

While I try to be as clear and concise as possible with the questions, I get the final say on the answers.

Ready for the first question? Here we go!

1.  This fabric manufacturer has long been known for their gold threaded prints.

2.  This Fons and Porter quilt magazine is great for "beginners."

3.  Name two sewing machine brands that names begin with the letter "B"

4.  This quilting website quacks.

5.  Name two long arm quilting machines that core names begin with the letter "G"

6.  Name two fabric manufacturers names that have the same first letter in their complete name (i.e. Michael Miller (and no, you cannot use this answer as a guess!).

7.  The name of this sewing machine brand is not heavy, he's your....

8.  This online quilting store carries my favorite thread for $2.79 a spool.

9.  This fabric designer and knitter from Windham Fabrics pioneered the use of bold colors and shapes on fabric.

10. Name two themes we had for the 3rd hexie swap.