Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Let's Play Another Game....

“What do you know about EPP Game”

**The winner with 9 correct answers is Mary VK**
In order to play, you must be signed up for the 15th hexie swap and complete the swap to get your prize. You must submit all answers no later than Thursday, May 21st at 11:59 ET.

The rules are the same as the last game—email me your answers to 2013hexagonswap@gmail.com. You can only submit your answers once. The person will the most correct answers win. In case of a tie, I will put all the names into a hat and pull a winner!

1) “Black and Red and Gold All Over” is a 1” hexie pattern by what author?

               Choose one:  a.  Vicki Bellino   b.  Bonnie Hunter     c. Mickey Dupre  

2) When measuring a 1” hexie paper, what is the correct measurement across the entire hexagon?

Choose one:   a. 1 3/8”      b.  2”     c.  1 ½”      

3) What Hex-A Holic duo banded together to write this must-have handbook? Must give me both full names.  

4)  When making a single flower unit, how many pieces will this entail?

               Choose one:  a. 9   b.  7   c.  13       

5)  According to this handbook, if you are making a double-size GFG quilt, how many 1” hexies will you need?

               Choose one:  a. 3048   b.  5248   c.  4082   

6)  This EPP author married her high-school sweetheart. Who is it?

               Choose one:  a.   Dr. Peggy G. Rhodes   b. Vicki Bellino   c.  Tacha Bruecher 

7)  What is the recommended seam allowance when making hexagons? 

Choose one:  a. 1/8”   b. ¼”   c. ½”  

8)  This hexie author shares her Salted Dark Chocolate Toffee cookie recipes on her website. Who is it?

               Choose one.  A. Jen Eskridge    b. Julia C. Wood   c. Mickey Dupree  

9.  They say no matter what you make using EPP, they say this is the one quilt you will always finish. What pattern is it?

               Choose one:  a. Dresden Flowers    b.  Grandmother’s Flower Garden    c.  Garden Party 

10.  On the Paper Pieces website, what piecing pointer do they give you for simple basting your hexies?

               Choose one:  a. Always start with knot on the right side of the hexie   b. Double knot your thread c. Use quilting thread for basting.   


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