Thursday, August 1, 2013

Packaging Your Swaps

After opening up our fourth hexagon swap, I noticed several of you packaged up your hexies with the same print in the same baggie. Below is a made up sample of what happens when you do this. Note: Be sure you use a Ziplock style sandwich bag, not snack bag.

Here is a sample--not an actual swap. While it might be hard to see, I'm sure you notice the same hexie prints in one bag.

What happens is when you package nine sets per bag with the same print or some of the same print is that I need to empty all of the hexies out of the baggies and repackage so that only ONE of each print is in each bag. This is terribly time consuming and not according to the guidelines. I need to swap out one bag for one bag, and I'm sure you don't necessary want a bag of nine of the same print!

What I did is take the hexies with the most of the same print and use those first to make identical bags. Note all the three bags of set #1 are identical. Set #2 is all make up of different prints. Now, I can take those two packages and send to the same swapper as both baggies have different prints inside!

I take the remaining hexies and make nine different prints per baggie. If you have duplicates, I usually will fill in from my own collection.

Let's say you have a smaller amount you are sending in. Take the multiples and use those first (see the top two rows). The single sets are below them.

Set #1 is done and packaged into two identical bags. The remaining duplicates from set #1 are in the upper right hand corner. I'll save those for now and take the hexies on the bottom and make more packages.
I made two packages of the duplicates for set #1 and took the remaining sets to make the two different sets on the right. The bottom bag only has five sets, so I will send you back five sets in a bag to complete your swap.

If you have any questions about packaging, please do not hesitate to email me at  

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