Saturday, January 18, 2014

How To Read Your Selvages

A couple of questions have come to me via email regarding the TOT (tone on tone) theme.

TOT (tone on tone) is just that--tones of only one color. It is very easy to tell by looking on the selvage (according to Wikipedia, this is the US spelling, while selvedge is the British English spelling--guess I learned something today!).

Look at this picture. If you check the selvage, the dots will tell you what colors are in that particular fabric. 

If you notice, I circled the white dot labeled 1 so it would be more graphic. The remaining colors are all shades of blue, so, this fabric would NOT be suitable for this swap. The second fabric shows two dots--both shades of blue (and in a small print)--is perfect for the swap.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Poll for Ninth Hexie Swap

Now that the seventh swap has shipped back, time for the poll to select the two themes for our ninth nexie swap!

I will leave this poll up until February 1, 2014. Once the two themes are selected, the official sign up will be posted and will be up until February 22, 2014. The swap is due in my hands due in my hands no later than April 26, 2014.

Vote for your favorite two themes by sending me an email to 
Like with the previous swaps, majority wins!

The guidelines would be the same as the previous swaps, but always feel free to contact me if you have any questions on fabrics.

Top of Form

What two themes would you like to see offered for the ninth hexie swap?

This is for 1" hexies.

*Stashbuster prints-like the previous guidelines
*TRUE 1930's repros-NO children novelties
*TRUE 1930's repros-ONLY children novelties
*TRUE Civil W*ar repros
*Batiks (must prewash your fabrics)
*Tone on tone (TOT) prints
*TRUE black and white prints (NO other colors)
*Spring (pastel colors only)
*Small Floral prints
*Fall (deep reds, maroon, dark oranges, golds, browns, etc.)
*Children's novelty prints
*Novelty prints (not children's)
*TRUE red, white and blue prints (NO other colors)

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