Thursday, February 28, 2013

Loving The Pictures!

Rhonda's YUMMY 30's hexies

Karen's hexies--packaged and ready to roll!

Don't you love to see what treasures you will be swapping for?

I just finished up over 100 sets for the 30's swap, so I am back to making Stashbusters for the second swap.

Just remember, if you have any questions on the fabrics that are suitable for the swap, check out the column to the right for links to pictures. The key thing is small prints with little open background showing. Large open spaces on the hexies lack pizazz and look disjointed when sew together.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Packages Are Arriving...

Christelle from France shares her hexies that she will be shipping out this week.
Speaking of shipping, I got three more packages in the mail today! Are you getting excited? You should be!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Pat V. Shares Her Progress

Pat V. is shares these pictures of her progress for both the swaps! Don't you just LOVE the pastels of the 30's fabrics? While I'm not a collector of any regular pastel prints, I cannot get enough of the 30's repros. That is why my HGTV board name is--you guessed it--KC1930. Some of the ladies thought it was my initials and my birth date. Only 25 years too early for me.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Emily Shares Her Hexie Progress...

Emily shares this photo of 35 sets done with the balance totaling 100 sets to be finished by the end of the weekend! Good job and happy basting, Emily!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sue Stitches Shares Her Hexies

Sue Stitches shares her 45 sets and has plenty more in the works. Her plan is to continue to make them until March1st and then mail off all she has ready.

Nice prints, Sue!
Swapper Janis shares this photo...

"I thought you might enjoy seeing this picture of a package of vintage hexagons I bought on E-Bay two weeks ago.  They are already cut into hexie shape and they have been washed and ironed.  All I need to do is
hex-a-gize them into something wonderful!"

Can't wait to see them in your next project!

Monday, February 18, 2013

Hexies, Hexies and MORE Hexies!

Christelle from France sent in this picture of her hexies--I especially like the colors we don't normally see in swap. Looks very tonal to me.

Thanks to all of you who have checked in with me on your progress, however, there are many more of you who haven't responded to my email. Remember, I like good communication both ways. Let's hear from you!

I managed to take out my massive collection of "six-packs" and packaged them up to swap out. I've already got a sizable amount of TRUE 30's repros hexies finished also. It amazes me how quickly they make themselves! I sat up in bed watching a movie the other night and got 15 sets completed!

My box is loaded with papers and fabrics for work tonight. My co-workers always stop by my desk to see what I am working on between phone calls and breaks. I'll have to plan to bring along my project to work on once the swap is complete.

Speaking of projects, have you seen the last book from Vicki Bellino, "Tiny Obsessions"? Lots of adorable projects for even the tinest of hexies! I do have a package of Paper Pieces 1/4" hexies just waiting to be made into hexie push pins. I also got a copy of her book on EPP, but made the mistake of giving it to a friend to borrow the same day I got it and she has been MIA due to the snowy weather. I can't blame her--I subscribe to all the quilting magazines and usually I am too busy to read them right away and give them to her to look at first. I guess I'll have to give her a call...

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More Progress Photos...

Jessica is halfway done with her hexies! Yippee! She comments she will be taking her project on a trip and hopes to make good progress on the balance. Love your purse, Jess!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Counting Down To Our First Swap Deadline-March 16th!

Tick tock, ladies! The clock is counting down to our first swap in my hands deadline of March 16th!

If you haven't started your hexies, better get cracking! You still have plenty of time to make more--just put your sewing basket near the TV and go for it.

We would like to hear about your progress! Please email me at with your comments and photos!

You are also welcome to share your other quilting projects with us!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Let It SNOW!

Yikes! Over 30' of snow in two days! It took me over five hours to make the first run at the driveway and a "tunnel" in the 6' drifts leading to the first shed in the backyard.

We are looking for more ice and snow on Monday....time to make more hexies!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Monday, February 4, 2013

Hexie Detox

.....I got the shakes....I'm turning corners in my sleep....where did I put that needle? Oh my!!!!!

I've been busy working on other projects and taken a break making hexies. Trust me when I say that making these little jewels each day really do get to be a habit and I miss it. Tomorrow I work so I am packing up my little Rubbermaid box with lots of pretty prints to use.

Cutting more and more squares--I think I have enough to make hexies to circle the world! Yikes...perhaps I will make a few up tonight while watching TV. Problem is that I seem to get off on a tangent and it's 2:00 a.m. before I know it.

Just wondering if they have a 12-step program???

More Hexies To Show Off!

SSW50 has her 100 sets of hexies packaged up and ready to mail out. Having them pre-packaged in nine sets will save me time when it comes time to swap. Make my day by putting your name on each package--a little bit of tape with your name or even those address labels you get tons of in the mail will be perfect!

Packages are coming in and for those of you who haven't checked in on your progress, please do. You took the time to join the swap and I did stress that good communication between all the swappers is very important.