Monday, February 18, 2013

Hexies, Hexies and MORE Hexies!

Christelle from France sent in this picture of her hexies--I especially like the colors we don't normally see in swap. Looks very tonal to me.

Thanks to all of you who have checked in with me on your progress, however, there are many more of you who haven't responded to my email. Remember, I like good communication both ways. Let's hear from you!

I managed to take out my massive collection of "six-packs" and packaged them up to swap out. I've already got a sizable amount of TRUE 30's repros hexies finished also. It amazes me how quickly they make themselves! I sat up in bed watching a movie the other night and got 15 sets completed!

My box is loaded with papers and fabrics for work tonight. My co-workers always stop by my desk to see what I am working on between phone calls and breaks. I'll have to plan to bring along my project to work on once the swap is complete.

Speaking of projects, have you seen the last book from Vicki Bellino, "Tiny Obsessions"? Lots of adorable projects for even the tinest of hexies! I do have a package of Paper Pieces 1/4" hexies just waiting to be made into hexie push pins. I also got a copy of her book on EPP, but made the mistake of giving it to a friend to borrow the same day I got it and she has been MIA due to the snowy weather. I can't blame her--I subscribe to all the quilting magazines and usually I am too busy to read them right away and give them to her to look at first. I guess I'll have to give her a call...

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