Saturday, May 16, 2015

Don't Forget To Vote!

The deadline to vote for the 16th Hexie poll is May 22nd. The amount of votes we have now for the top three choices is impressive--

Fall colors-5
Shades of Green-4
Shades of Pink-4
TRUE 1930's repros-no children's novelty-3
TRUE B & W/W & B prints-3
TRUE Civil War repros-3

It's anyone's game as to what the additional votes will bring and still too close to call! If you haven't voted yet, email me at with your top three themes. They don't have to be only the ones listed above, but you can choose from the entire list on the official post.

Remember, the running total of all votes are at the upper right-hand side of the blog page. Questions? Just ask!

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