Thursday, May 14, 2015

2nd Hexie Game-We have a winner!

**Our winner with 10 correct answers in Mary VK**

Let’s play another game!  You must be signed up for the 15th hexie swap and complete the swap in order to get your prize. The deadline to get your answers to me is by midnight, May 16th ET.

The rules are the same as the last game—email me your answers at . You can earn a total of 10 points if you get all of the answers correctly. The person with the most correct answers win! In case of a tie, I will put all the names in a hat and pull a winner.

1). List the name of quilt shop located in the state of Maine that has two words that begin with the letters P & N. 

2). What is the name of Bonnie Hunter’s “long-term” hexagon project?

3). Sort out the follow anagram (a word or phrase formed by re-arranging the letters of another word or phrase) i.e. Pecan Hint is Nine Patches.

               a. rotate mass

4). Name the title of this “Fat Quarterly” co-founder’s book? 

5). Using Quilter’s Cache’s website, list the names of three quilt blocks that begin with the letters “BU” (Each worth one point)

6). If you search online for quilting games, you will find one to download/purchase to your PC—what it its name? (Worth one point)

7). According to the world’s biggest hexagon quilt, May 2010 update, how many 1” hexagons are in this project?

8.  Name the two themes of the 5th hexie swap (each worth one point)  

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