Friday, May 8, 2015

15th Hexagon Swap-1st Game Challenge

For those of you who are officially signed up for the 15th hexagon swap, here is a game for you!

Answer the questions below and get a point for each correct answer. The person who answers the most via email to  no later than midnight May 10th Eastern time will win a prize. In case of a tie, I will put the names in the hat and pull a winner. As stated before, the prizes for these games will be sent out at the end of the complete swap to players who participate.

While I try to be as clear and concise as possible with the questions, I get the final say on the answers.

Ready for the first question? Here we go!

1.  This fabric manufacturer has long been known for their gold threaded prints.

2.  This Fons and Porter quilt magazine is great for "beginners."

3.  Name two sewing machine brands that names begin with the letter "B"

4.  This quilting website quacks.

5.  Name two long arm quilting machines that core names begin with the letter "G"

6.  Name two fabric manufacturers names that have the same first letter in their complete name (i.e. Michael Miller (and no, you cannot use this answer as a guess!).

7.  The name of this sewing machine brand is not heavy, he's your....

8.  This online quilting store carries my favorite thread for $2.79 a spool.

9.  This fabric designer and knitter from Windham Fabrics pioneered the use of bold colors and shapes on fabric.

10. Name two themes we had for the 3rd hexie swap.

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