Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Third Hexie Combo Swap-Vote For Your Favorite Two Themes!

While this is still in the planning stages, let's choose the next swap's themes!

Vote for

*Stashbusters prints (like in the previous two swaps)
*TRUE red, white and blue prints
*BRIGHT prints
*Small floral prints
*Write in your suggestions!

I have several photos of what we would be looking for in the above themes. You can email me at 2013hexagonswap@gmail.com with your vote. I will leaveHGTV Hexie poll the poll up on the HGTV boards for one week and then post the official sign-up list.

Right now, we would have to sign up by May 3rd and the due to me date is June 8th. The guidelines would be the same as the previous swap, but always feel free to contact me if you have any questions on fabrics.

These are TRUE red, white and blue prints to SCALE (note the hexies). No glitter-no tan or ecru or gold in the fabrics. You can also use fabrics with only the two colors, such as blue and white, but it must be to the small scale with NO other colors.

This would be considered a small floral print

Notice the tight print with tiny flowers

These two are NO-NOS--the left hexie print has a full background, but the print is out of scale and chopped off. The right hexie has too much open background showing and not pleasant to the eye.

These are BRIGHT hexies-and remember, bold is NOT bright. Think primary colors, neons--

Close-up of the prints. Please note the checkerboard hexie fabric was carefully positioned on the paper to ensure a straight line when sewn.

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