Sunday, March 9, 2014

Poll for the 10th Hexie Swap

Isn’t this exciting? Our 10th swap! We are going to do this a little differently—it’s double the fun! Instead of only two themes, we are having FOUR J

You can play one, two, three or all four. The more you play, the more chances to win prizes (more on that when the official sign ups begin) ;) ;)

In lieu of a poll, you can email me your FOUR top theme selections to

I’ll keep you up on the latest tallies so you can see how your favorite themes are doing.

The poll will stay up until March 28th; official sign ups begin on the 29th and ends on April 18th. The swap is due in my hands no later than May 17th.

Guidelines would be the same as the previous swaps, but always feel free to contact me if you have any questions on fabrics.

Vote for: (running total of votes are listed to the right of the theme)

*Stashbusters prints (like in the past nine swaps)-11

*TRUE 1930's repros-no children’s novelties-5

*TRUE 1930’s repros-only children’s novelties-1

*TRUE Civil War repros-2

*Batiks (must prewash your fabrics for this theme, please)-3

*TOT (tone on tone)-7

*TRUE black and white prints-7

*Spring colors (pastel colors)-2

*Summer colors (bright colors of summer flowers)-1

*Fall colors (deep reds, maroon, dark oranges, golds, browns, etc.)-7

*Winter colors (white and blues)-4

*TRUE red, white and blue prints-2

*BRIGHT prints-2

*Small floral prints-6

*Children's novelty prints-1

 *Novelty prints-not children’s-1


*Neutrals (black, cream or white)-1

*Red and white prints-5

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