Thursday, November 5, 2015

PatV82 Hexie Projects

Pat is our first swapper to submit photos of her projects. Thanks, Pat!

This was the first project I did with "our" hexies.  The tote bag itself is canvas, I lined the upper inside with a sash of hexies, both sides of the canvas have a hexie flower on it (sewn down onto the canvas).

 I also did a checkbook cover (photo #3) and a little phone purse (which I misplaced in my move last year).  So these 3 photos are for 1 project.  

 I used black & white hexies to make 2 very large mugrugs/mats.  The first one went to JLu with the Anything Goes mugrug swap in January 2015.  The second one went to my Secret Sister (KBlue)  as part of the 2015 Secret Sister Swap.  I also gave her all the rest of my black & white hexies to start a project. What is harder to see (thank goodness) is my finishing.  I put temtex on the inside to make it stiff, so I ended up just doing a zigzag stitch around the outsides.   

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