Wednesday, January 27, 2016

2016 Sewing Superbowl Contest

Are your ready for our fifth annual Sewing Super Bowl game to be held on Sunday, February 7th between the Carolina Panthers and the Denver Broncos? The winning prize will be your choice of a $25 Joann or Hobby Lobby gift card!

The winner of the game is the one who picks the winning team AND the closest winning score WITHOUT going over. In case of a tie, I will put the names in a hat and have Mom pull out the winner.

If you want to play, PM me your winning team and the score, such as  "DB 32-0", your board name (if applicable) and real name and I will keep them on a tally until the game is over and then post the winner! Please do NOT post your selection on the boards. The only way to can play is to email me at

I will confirm back to you via return email that your prediction has been received.

You only get one vote and CANNOT make a change once you email me your vote, so you will probably want to wait until closer to the date to make your prediction. I will post the official game post on Sunday and tally your selections.

**All predictions must be sent to me no later than Sunday, February 7th at 12:00 PM (noon) ET**
This will give me time to compile the list and I will be posting the scores as the game progresses.

Any questions? Just ask! Now, do your research and good luck!

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