Monday, September 12, 2016

More Information On The Upcoming 25th Swap!

Yes, very soon we will be having our 25th swap. I'm SO excited that I want to celebrate with 25 days of gifts. Here is how it works:

You must be signed up for the swap and complete the swap in order for you to receive your prize(s). That's right--you can win up to 25 times! How fun is that???

You will be given a number once you sign up and I will have a random number generator pick a number and the one that is yours is the winner. It's that simple!

The prizes will be sent back with your swap or depending on the prize, a separate mailing. All in all, it will be fun to check the blog each day to see if you are a winner and what you won. While some of the gifts will be small, there will be several larger gifts sprinkled in among them just to add to the suspense!

If you do not complete your swap and you are a winner of a prize(s), the gifts will be drawn again among those who did complete the swap.

So, if you haven't swapped with us for awhile, don't miss the opportunity to join in this special swap. Remember, you only need to send in a minimum of 36 sets of a theme to play! You can do those in your sleep, lol! ;)

I will be posting the poll to select the themes within the next few weeks and if you have any suggestions on a new theme, please email me at

The deadline for this swap will be in January of 2017, so you will have plenty of time to enjoy your holiday season and family before it is due in my hands.

Hope you can join us!

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