Monday, October 31, 2016

Let's Get This Party Started....

Let’s start our 25th celebration with a challenge! Each answer is worth one point and the bonus question is worth two points The one with the most correct answers and points will be deemed the winner. In case of a tie, I will use the random number generator to select the winner. What’s the prize? You will have to wait and see! 
The deadline to submit your answers via email to in Monday, Nov. 7th at 11:59 pm ET. I will have final say on all the answers. 
Note: This game is only for those who are officially signed up for the 25th Hexie swap.
From the Keepsake Quilting website:
1.      This ornament kit by Penny Marble makes 3 1/2” finished ornaments. What is its name?
2.      As far as making a quick baby quilt, this one is ________.
3.      This freezer paper is designed specifically for quilters. What is it called?

From the website:
4.      This item can watch your children or your needles. What is it called?
From the Connecting Threads website:
5.       This new fabric collection is named after a famous character from an Oscar-winning movie. What is it?
6.      What is the name of this microwave safe batting?
7.      This Essentials variegated thread color reminds me of the sea. What is it called?
8.      These small scissors look and remind me of Halloween. What are they called?
9.      This adorable owl pattern has a “hoot” of a name. What is it?
10.   These labels really tell it like we all feel at the end of a project. What do they say?
Bonus: This answer is worth two points---This male quilter has another talent that started at age 3. What is it?

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