Friday, October 2, 2015

Hexie Contest

Our contest is over and we have a tie! Both Cindy and Nicki have nine correct answers, so their names went into a hat and the winner of a copy of Recycled Hexie Quilts by Mary Kerr is Nicki! 
Congratulations, Nicki! Your book will be in the mail very soon. Thanks to all of you who played our game. Wondering what questions you got incorrect? Here are all the answers in red.
1.  Who is the male quilter whose family has been quilting for 96 years? JOHN FLYNN
2.  What male quilter has worked on the Oprah show and several other TV productions?  
3.  This male quilter passed away in January, 2015, but his whimsical embellishments still shine on TOM RUSSELL
4.  This blog list 117 male quilters—what is the title of the blog? NACHO GRANDMA'S QUILTS
5.  This male quilter made a quilt called Scan that incorporated an embroidered drawing of an MRI scan of his brain—who is it?  MICHAEL JAMES
6.  Who is the author of the 2010 book “Men and the Art of Quiltmaking”? JOE CUNNINGHAM
7.  This young, male quilter founded Antler Quilt Design at what tender age? FOURTEEN
8.  Who is the male quilter that first passion is music and started taking lessons at age three? 
9. Who is the male fabric designer and quilter started his career as an actor and singer? 
10. What is the name of the online community of male quilters? MANQUILTERS.COM

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