Monday, January 7, 2013

Meet Our Players!

Yipee! Our thirty swappers are officially signed up and now we can begin the swap.

Meet the players!

*Kathleen from ME (yes, me! :))
*Deb from WA
*Brenda from NM
*Denise from AR
*Emily from WI
*Lisa from OR
*Jessica from IL
*Juliet from KS
*Julia from IN
*Kathy from NY
*Karen from CA
*Janis from TX
*Kayla from AZ
*Keely from CO
*Karen from CA (no, this is not a duplicate! :)
*Dianne from CA
*Mary from NY
*Pat from NY
*Patti from MD
*Pat from IL
*Peggy from LA
*Libby from SC
*Lindy from NC
*Wanda from IN
*Sandy from TN
*Sue from CA
*Teresa from WY
*Carole from AZ
*Vida from WA
*Christelle from France

Our first question seems to be about the knotted tail when putting all six hexies together as a set. You can knot the end of the thread after basting together if you wish--or not. Just leave me a 1/2" tail. The main reason is for me to be able to grasp each set without it coming apart during swapping.

 Like I mentioned on the HGTV post, the tutorial on the Connecting Threads website and on the blog post below are those--just guidelines. If you asked ten people how to do EPP, you would get ten different answers. The main thing as far as I am concerned for this swap is quality, sharp corners and using fabrics that are to scale with the size of the hexagon. To knot at the end of the hexagon and after the basting thread when putting your sets together is up to you. I will, however, request you do not use any glue to hold down the hexies while basting.

I will add pictures as they are available, so please feel free to share your progress!

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