Sunday, July 19, 2015

Comments On "How You Sew Your Hexies Together"

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Carole writes:

"I sew my hexies together edge to edge--thereby NOT taking a chance on having accidentally gone through paper and /or having my stitches showing on the right sides.
Sewing edge to edge permits me to use up threads I may not have used up otherwise. Traditionally, it didn't matter as I have seen vintage quilts with the stitches exposed.
And another note--I no longer use glue as I don't like the results.Often, I found I was going through paper because the glue permits folding right up to edge of paper not permitting me to *catch* one or two threads :-) and/or I was trying to stitch through the glue if I attempted to stitch edge to edge instead of face to face ;-) clear as mud -right? :-) edge to edge works for me :-)"
Melinda adds:

"I have one of the bobbin donuts from Superior Threads and use a thread that is the same color family as my hexies and I rarely see the stitches. I recently took a class from Mickey Dupre and she sews them together flat but I find it very awkward and fold mine."

Sandy says:

"I have always sewn my hexies with a whip stitch, right sides together, lining up edges. I do not mind seeing my stitches. For me, this adds authenticity to the hand made process/product. Also for me the whole process of quilting is to see the stitches, whether by hand or machine."
First, you can never have too many hexies. But you can have too many paper piecing templates still inside the hexie.
Pat suggests:
"Think outside the box. So far I have used these lil guys on a purse, checkbook cover, pouch, mug rug, and ongoing quilt project. And I've shared some sets in a swap.

 I made myself a vow to not buy anymore templates. Instead work on the ongoing quilt and remove templates as I can."


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