Wednesday, May 14, 2014

4th Hexie Game--"Search the Hexie Blog"

Time for another game for our 10th swap players!  So, get a beverage and a pad and take a trip down the blog’s memory lane. You can only send in your answers once to and the deadline for your replies are May 19th at 11:59 pm EST. I will give you one ticket for each correct answer and pull one winner from a hat.

The winner will receive (per swap guidelines) a copy of a rare book published in 1979—“Garden Party” by Dorothy Wray. I found a copy a few years ago and what eye candy it is! If you have never viewed this book, you are in for a real treat. Ms. Wray is undoubtedly the QUEEN of hexie quilts!

Okay, let’s get cooking…

1.  What foreign player thanked her fellow swappers for their hexies?  

2.  What is the full date of the post where I used a flower center instead of a paper hexie as a point of size reference? 

3.  What was the swap theme that I commented on that I took out my swap and organized by color? 

4.  What is the name of my HGTV friend who shared a photo of her great-aunt’s hexie quilt? 

5. In what past swap theme is it necessary to prewash your fabrics? 

6.  What were the two themes for the 3rd hexie swap? 

7.  What was the predominate color hexie I used to show scale on these Red, White and Blue fabrics? 

8.  What was the full date of the post where it shows a photo of matching hexies and a tissue box? 

9.  What was the full date of the post where I comment my co-workers enjoy seeing my autumn colored hexies at my desk? 

10.  What swapper took sewing classes from Winky Cherry? 




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